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64tnt Miniatures

64tnt Miniatures I am Loredana Tonetti and i Live in a Small Village near Bergamo. I have been making miniatures for about Fifteen Years and What Started as a hobby has become My full time [...]



Alemikimikrì My name is Alexandra and I was born in Lisbon. I studied literature at University Statale of Milan and I attended at Brera Academy. I started to furnish a Doll's House for my daughter [...]


Antonella Nardi Miniature

Antonella Nardi Miniature “Culture is synonymous of freedom” it would say Antonella Nardi, a professor who after having dedicated herself to teaching economics and law, in 2010 discovered her passion for miniatures, which she declines, [...]


Cinen 🅓

Cinen I make furniture and accessories in 1:12 scale. The furniture is fully designed and made of wood by me. In particular, I am focused on furniture for shops, offices and homes inspired by early [...]


Claudia Raddi Art-dolls 🅐

Claudia Raddi Art-dolls Hello everyone, my name is Claudia Raddi, I was born in Italy in 1979 and I have always been attracted about everything related to art. I studied academic art at school in [...]


Cose dall’Altro Mondo

Cose dall'Altro Mondo Hello, I am Luisa and I live in the north of Italy in a small village at the foot of the Alps. I have always had a lot of imagination and creativity! [...]


Domino 🅓

Domino I am passionate about miniatures, bags and leather. I am very demanding about the quality of the leathers I work with. I mainly use lamb of very good quality. But, in order to obtain [...]


Elisa creazioni mini 🅓

Elisa creazioni mini I'm Elisa Silvera and I live in Cervignano d'Adda (LO). I've always loved tiny items enough to collect them. For about four years I have decided to create them with my hands [...]


Elisabeth Causeret

Elisabeth Causeret I'm a potter and make miniatures for more than 35 years. I throw them on a wheel and fire them with my own glazes. I use different clays : stoneware, porcelain and red [...]


Elisa creazioni mini 🅓

Elisa creazioni mini I'm Elisa Silvera and I live in Cervignano d'Adda (LO). I've always loved tiny items enough to collect them. For about four years I have decided to create them with my hands [...]


Elisa Fenoglio Miniature Dolls 🅐

Elisa Fenoglio Ooak Sculptures My style is characterized by the combination of different materials, used in a single product that amazes for the material and color combinations. The figurative field is the engine of my [...]


Elisabetta Bernardi 🅐

Elisabetta Bernardi My name is Elisabetta Bernardi, thanks to my interest in everything that is art, I was able in life to confront myself with my inclinations: initially fashion stylist, graphic designer, cake designer until [...]


Emozioni in miniatura 🅐

Emozioni in miniatura My name is Giusy. I live in a small town in Sicily (Italy). Since I was a child I have had a great passion for craftsmanship. I worked for many years in [...]


Framini di Franca Gamberoni 🅓

Framini di Franca Gamberoni Hi everyone, I'm Franca Gamberoni, Framini, and I'm from Genoa, Italy. I have always been a creative person, I have painted, embroidered, sewn and created bobbin lace. Dollhouse miniaturism has given [...]


Francesca Vernuccio Miniature 🅓

Francesca Vernuccio miniature Miniatures in scale 1/12, 1/48, 1/144 Fashion accessories, furniture, flowers, bags and shoes, western and Native American saddles and accessories, trophies and accessories for hunting, roomboxes and furniture in 1/48 and 1/144 [...]


Il piccolo mondo di Daniela 🅓

Il piccolo mondo di Daniela My name is Daniela, I’m 54 years old and i live in Rho, Italy. Il piccolo mondo di Daniela is my personal shop, my house is my laboratory where i [...]


Isa-mini 🅓

Isa-mini The flowers in my bouquets are entirely handmade with watercolour tinted paper mounted on thin metal stems. I use antique vases, notably Limoges porcelain from the 19th century and English porcelain. This is why [...]


La Bottega di Annie 🅓

La bottega di Annie My name is Anna Losito and I live in Treviolo (Bergamo). I have been devoting myself to this wonderful hobby for long.I have always been fond of tiny objects and this [...]


Il laboratorio di Manu 🅓

Laboratorio di Manu My name is Emanuela and i live in Genoa (Italy); for many years I dedicated my time to making miniatures in 1:12 scale of various objects and books for doll-house. At the [...]


Le Gioie di Lulù 🅐

le Gioie di Lulù di Loredana Salvo My name is Loredana, my life is divided between Sicily, where I was born and Tuscany where I live. I studied art at school and then I specialized [...]


Le miniature di Eurosia

Le miniature di Eurosia I was four years old when I took part in a parade of masks that was giving as first prize a dolls house! "Luckily" I did not win because from then [...]


Le miniature di Katia 🅓

Le miniature di Katia I am a self-taught artist, worker and mother but I assure you that passion pushes me to also find the time to make miniatures because the most beautiful emotion is seeing [...]


Les Petits Chapeaux de Coralie 🅓

Les Petits Chapeaux de Coralie My Little Hats are the result of the unexpected encounter of my passion for miniatures, my love of hats and a sweet penchant for ancient haberdashery.i struzzo e altri tesori [...]


Lilliput’s treasures 🅓

Lilliput's treasures My desire to recreate on a small scale the reality that sorrounds me has always been part of my life . Since my childhood plays to my actual hobby grown with passion and [...]


Ludmilla’s Creations 🅓

Ludmilla's Creations The art of weaving is typical of my land Puglia a region in the South of Italy. I started to copy Apulian baskets which you still find in markets for fishes or vegetables. [...]


M. Nieves 🅓

M.Nieves I miei personaggi mi permettono di riflettere sentimenti e situazioni che sono più o meno di tutti noi, della nostra giornata. Non so come spiegare come, ma dal My characters allow me to reflect [...]


Mazumaia 🅓

Mazumaia Love and passion for art and “little things” come together in Mazumaja, the art name I chose a long time ago when my adventure with miniatures began. My name is Martina Fermani, I live [...]


Menutmon kits 🅓

Menutmon kits Menutmon KITS shows a fresh and innovative design of a new collection of KITS made of easy-to-assemble wood. Grouped in four sections where you can find: Furniture, like our iconic romantic bed. Accessories, [...]


Mi Mundo En Rosa

Mi mundo en rosa My Name is Ana and I am passionate about the color pink and roses. My work, all in cold porcelain, is made by hand with care and patience.br> I love confectionery [...]


Mini modern style

Mini Modern Style Hi I'm Angela from Italy. I got into miniatures as a young girl. In 2015 I started making modern miniatures because I didn't feel fully satisfied to collect only miniatures in other [...]


Miniatures by Eva Perendreu 🅓

Miniatures by Eva Perendreu ♥ I am truly excited to participate for the very first time at Miniaturitalia. ♥ My work has also been featured in several national and international miniature magazines including American Miniaturist, [...]



Minimaide I have always loved embroidery, especially cross stitch and petit point, and I have dedicated to it the free time from my work as a teacher. Then, thanks to a friend, I discovered the [...]



Minimami There is something absolutely mesmerizing about seeing the world in miniature! Creating 1:12 scale treasures is something I deeply enjoy. I am inspired every day by other miniaturists and miniature collectors all around the [...]



Minimania My name is Micaela, I am 56 years old and I live in Milan. Although I have always loved all craft activities, the miniature world came into my life when I was about twenty [...]



Obesini Obesini are my handmade creations, they are original, nice and rich of colours and I make them with polymerclay FIMO, every colour, every little detail and also eye dots are made in FIMO. I [...]


Oiseau deNim Miniatures

Oiseau deNim Miniatures Hi, my name is Peiwen. Since 2009, I started to make dollhouse miniature projects, including flowers, gastronomy, some dishes (meat, vegetables, pastries) and some utensils (plates, dishes), which have been shown in [...]


Patrizia Santi

Patrizia Santi Miniatures Shoes,boots, bags, clothing and accessories in contemporary style, 1:12 scale. Contact E-commerce


Silvia Cucchi

Silvia Cucchi I have been in love with miniature worlds since I was a little girl. In the late nineties I discovered dollhouses and since then they have been my passion. I began building furniture [...]


The secret place of the dolls

The secret place of the dolls I make realistic works in cold porcelain. They mostly represent intense and dramatic female figures. Sometimes I make sculptures in the likeness of historical or cult characters. [...]


Tower House Dolls

Tower House Dolls I have been a professional miniature dollmaker for over 30 years, creating Mignonette toy dolls for doll’s house children. None are bigger than 2'' tall, most are smaller. I use the finest [...]