Project Description


My name is Alexandra and I was born in Lisbon.
I studied literature at University Statale of Milan and I attended at Brera Academy.
I started to furnish a Doll’s House for my daughter in 2001.It was the starting point of my miniature art. I began with painter’s atelier , but I’m also fascinated by everything related to old accessories and furnishings for the kitchen, cellars and gardening.
I have exhibited in many shows between Europe (Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rheda) and U.S.A. (Chicago, Philadelphia, San Jos, and nowadays I’m appreciated everywhere for my work. in 2019 I became IGMA Artisan.
During the past edition of Miniaturitalia I presented my self like MicOwls in memory of my daughter. All the pictures in the painter’s atelier have been painted by her or her artist friends. Also this year I’ll keep a space for Micol and her art.