Project Description

Fátima Doña

My work focuses on painting and sculpture in miniature, I studied Fine Arts and Restoration and I have always been passionate about the world of painting, its “alchemy”, pigments, historic periods, etc.
I love looking for inspiration in nature (especially the sea) and in museums. In my miniature works, I try to reproduce the original as closely as possible, capturing all the details and reducing them to scale, I also do commissioned portraits and paint original works, especially of landscapes and places I visited.
I also make miniature aquariums, trying to recreate the fish in the most realistic way possible, with the brightness of the scales as well as capturing the movement and transparency of their fins, that ethereal aspect of marine beings.
On this occasion I have made different paintings, aquariums, Art Nouveau bottles and fish jumping from their bowl. Please, come and see, I hope you enjoy my work.