Project Description

Lilliput’s treasures

My desire to recreate on a small scale the reality that sorrounds me has always been part of my life . Since my childhood plays to my actual hobby grown with passion and constancy, which brought me to make of it one of the most important parts of my life.

Being an Art and Ancient History lover, I started to create a chronolohical revival of the most important milestones of our history in a one twelfth scale.

From the Jurassic era I metaphorically unearth Dinosaurs skeletons or biogenic rocks containing fossils or human remains.

As far as ancient Egyptians are concerned I chose to give a higher relevance their “post mortem” believes by reproducing everything referred to their cult of the dead: reliquary, funerary ornaments and jewels.

The Greek and Roman periods are greatly emphatised by my reproductions of all typical elements of their respective eras : frescoes, bas-reliefs and vessels.

I wish to propose the Middle Age, an era of intrigues, assassinations, courtship and religious struggles by means of sealed parchments, bas-relief sculptures, religious altarpieces and illuminated books.

Cultivating a deep passion for reading and for antique books I could better express my miniaturist creativity in making peculiar thematic showcases. From wine tasting to garden colours, from Mediterranean flavours to birds harmonic singing and to all what my mind suggests.