Project Description

Mademoiselle Artemisia

I’m Sabrina Fioramonti, my artname is Mademoiselle Artemisia, I’m an hobbist and artdollmaker with two deep passions: dolls and historical costume.

These two passions led me to the magical world of the artdolls and minidolls and so I started creating three kind of dolls:

  • OOAK dolls, sculpted by me in polymer clay, between 25/30 cm tall, and they’re one of a kind on their own;
  • Posable Minidolls, 15 cm tall, realized in polymer clay by using molds for limbs, bustle and head, their body is partially full of cotton and their dresses reproduce historical costumes from every era;
  • Minidolls for dollhouses in 1:12 scale, realized by using porcellain kits that I personally assemble, and these dolls are dressed in historical costumes too.

All my dolls are characterized for the attention to detail, as jewels, for using quality fabrics, as cotton, silk and delicate lace, their soft hairs are in tybetan lamb or viscose , made precious by elegant historical hairstyle.

For 2021 Miniaturitalia edition I realized dolls inspired by the baroque and rococò period style, Venetian Carnival from Casanova period time and Carnival in the 19th century.