Project Description

Vilia Miniature

Our passion for miniatures goes back in time. We have been friends for a long time, both creative and full of imagination.
Visiting Miniaturitalia for the first time many years ago, we really fell in love with this hobby (thinking that we could give vent to our creativity, in a simpler way than the royal flush). We started making many miniature accessories, painting, decorating and filling dollhouse furniture. Unfortunately we didn’t like the furniture we bought very much, and we couldn’t find a style that we liked. For this reason we thought we could have done something different, so we started creating accessories and furniture to our taste.
We bought a laser cutting machine that we use regularly, to which we have added a plotter and recently a 3D printer along with other small equipment, combined with the constant search for suitable materials.
As our business grew, we looked for a manufacturer who could help us with the production of our furniture.
Over the years we have participated in almost all European shows, in the United States and Japan.
We always produce new models of furniture, accessories and easy to make kits.
Visit our table, you will certainly find something interesting!
Happy shopping
Lia and Alma