My name is Marina and I live in Milano, were I was born. When I was a child I didn’t love to play with dolls, but I had a true passion for drawing and creating their garments, besides furnishing their dollhouse, an old little closet.
Then I grew up and convinced myself that those were just “kids stuff”, and therefore dedicated myself to other hobbies: cross-stitch, beading, salt dought and my very favourite: polymer clay. I made everything with them: jewelry, accessories and so on, and then I went back to dolls. Now I don’t restrict myself to dress them, but I model them too. The tough get going! A few years ago I met some people addicted to miniature, who opened their world to me.
My first works were little hats, as I love hats also life-sized. I would like to create my models on my original projects and matching them with miniaturized parasols and purses made with the same fabrics and accessories and so creating a sort of set dedicated to the more demanding ladies.

I have also an other passion that combines so nicely with the miniature hobby: Christmas. I have always loved to decorate my house and to create embellishments for this XXX; useless to say that if you do it in 12:1, it’s even amusing. And if you work with the miniatures, you can “create” Christmas all over the year!